CT Accreditation Standards & Guidelines - IAC

Standards & Guidelines

The IAC Standards & Guidelines for CT Accreditation are the minimum requirements for a facility or practice to acquire or maintain accreditation. The Standards are available to view below or download as a PDF.

Applicant facilities must reference the current published version of the Standards below when applying for first-time accreditation or reaccreditation.

Download CT Accreditation StandardsIAC Standards & Guidelines for CT Accreditation
(published December 1, 2020)

Download Dental CT Accreditation StandardsIAC Standards & Guidelines for Dental CT Accreditation
(published September 12, 2018)

Guidelines are descriptions, examples or recommendations that elaborate on Standards, however, guidelines are not requirements. Guidelines can assist with interpretation of the Standards. Standards are in regular typeface in outline form, but guidelines are in italic typeface and in narrative form.

Public Comment Period

Current proposed revisions to any of the Standards above can be found on the IAC public comment period page at intersocietal.org/comment-period when available. Additionally, applicant facilities are notified via e-mail when revisions to the Standards & Guidelines are available for public comment. For information regarding the process of revising the Standards or 60-day public comment period, review the IAC Accreditation Program Policies & Procedures, Section 1: Changes to the Standards.

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