IAC System-Wide Accreditation

IAC QI Solutions are ideally suited for health care systems as accredited facilities experience reductions in administrative and financial burden as processes are standardized and optimized, costs are reduced and most importantly, patient care outcomes are continuously improved.

  • System-wide accreditation ensures providers, of diagnostic imaging and intervention-based procedures, deliver the same quality of services within their network of accredited facilities. Alignment of imaging and procedural protocols reduces the need for repeat studies.
  • Patients are able to access treatment with confidence they are receiving the same level of care regardless of where they seek treatment within the accredited network.

What can IAC accreditation do for your health care system? Facilities interested in system-wide accreditation, please contact Frank Vermeiren, M.S., RT (R)(CV), RDCS at 800-838-2110 or via e-mail.