Why Achieve IAC Accreditation? - IAC

The value of earning IAC accreditation is multi-faceted. Participating facilities consistently rank their IAC accreditation experience at the highest satisfaction levels.

Learn more below about what your facility will experience through IAC accreditation.

Demonstrate Your Facility’s Commitment to Quality Patient Care

IAC’s seal of approval verifies the quality your patients deserve. By earning IAC accreditation, you are showing referring physicians, patients and insurers that your facility has undergone a rigorous evaluation, has been found to be in compliance with industry standards and is committed to continuous quality improvement.

Engage in Continuous Quality Improvement

The IAC accreditation process is more than an update once every three years. Upon being granted accreditation, each applicant facility receives a detailed Application Review Findings document designed as an educational tool for improving the overall quality of their facility. Helpful resources to facilitate ongoing engagement such as special topic webinars, a CE finder and the IAC Quality Improvement (QI) Self-Assessment Tool are offered complimentary. Facilities use the QI Tool to assess their case studies and final reports and receive a quantitative report targeting opportunities for continuous process improvement.

Comply with Reimbursement Mandates and Regulatory Requirements

Many states and private payers require accreditation as a condition for reimbursement. IAC notifies CMS and third-party payers of the status of accredited facilities to help ensure compliance with related mandates. In addition, physicians may utilize IAC accreditation as a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) MIPS Improvement Activity to satisfy a component of the MIPS Improvement Activity score as part of the MACRA Quality Payment Program. The IAC Quality Improvement (QI) Tool is an independent option that may also be utilized to satisfy MIPS Improvement Activity and MOC.

Distinguish Your Facility from the Competition

Patients, referring physicians and potential new staff members look for the IAC seal of accreditation as the ‘gold standard’ in the imaging and intervention-based procedure fields. Facilities that achieve IAC accreditation possess the premier accreditation for imaging and procedure-based modalities, demonstrating a clear dedication that they provide the quality level of patient care and are continuously improving patient outcomes and safety. As the only CMS-approved accrediting body that provides a clinical peer review of case studies (with pathology) for diagnostic quality, report accuracy and report completeness, IAC’s review process is respected as the most comprehensive in the accreditation industry. For many facilities, simply meeting minimum standards is not enough; they want to go the extra mile and be evaluated at a high level. Facilities accredited by IAC are known to have achieved a meaningful level of recognition.

Benefit from IAC’s Quality Solutions

Whether a small private practice, an outpatient imaging center or a large medical system, IAC accreditation offers quality solutions that enable facilities to experience reductions in administrative and financial burden. Through IAC accreditation, your facility will implement standardized and optimized processes, experience cost reductions and most importantly, continuously improve patient outcomes.