Changes to Staff / Facility Name / Ownership / Operations

Change in Medical or Technical Director

If replacing your facility’s Medical or Technical Director, they must meet the applicable IAC Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation. To make a change to staff, login to your facility’s Online Accreditation account and go to the Manage Staff tab.

  • If the current Medical or Technical Director was not included in the original application as a staff member, the new staff member must be added to the account on the Manage Staff list.
  • If the current Medical or Technical Director was previously included as a staff member in the original application, select the edit link adjacent to the staff members name to update the account and their role.

Facilities Experiencing Change in Facility Name, Change in Ownership or Change in Operations

An IAC-accredited facility experiencing a change of facility name, change of ownership or change in operations, or those requiring changes of any kind to their IAC Accreditation Agreement must submit an updated Agreement in your facility’s Online Accreditation account. For complete instructions, visit the Agreement page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my accredited facility wants to add a new site during our three-year accreditation cycle? 
Any time an accredited facility adds a new site to an existing accreditation, it must enter the information for the new location into the Manage Site tab of the facility’s Online Accreditation account AND complete a IAC Multiple Site Supplemental Application online. Additional fees are assessed based on the number of sites. For fee information and to access the complete instructions, click here.

Where do I update my accredited facility’s name or address?
Facilities may request to update their facility name or address at any time during their three-year accreditation cycle via their IAC Online Accreditation account under the Manage Sites tab. IAC will not change information listed on certificates until the appropriate changes are made in the facility’s Online Accreditation account and approved by IAC.

Do we receive new printed certificates when we change our facility name or address?
Once changes are approved by IAC, the facility Technical Director or Medical Director will be e-mailed a login to review and order optional updated certificates for $10 each + shipping. Complimentary copies are only shipped at the beginning of each accreditation cycle per account or any time a new testing area or site is added. Facilities may wait until the facility earns reaccreditation to receive updated certificates or may pay $10 each to order updated certificates immediately.

Who owns the accreditation?
The Organization Legal Business Name listed in your facility’s Accreditation Agreement maintains ownership of accreditation.

Why must I attest to the Standards of the new owner?
In order for a facility to transfer accreditation to a new owner, it must ensure that the entity receiving the transferred accreditation has both a Medical Director and a Technical Director and that the facility is in compliance with all IAC Standards at the time of the transfer. If the facility is uncertain as to whether or not the new owner meets these requirements, it cannot transfer its accreditation.

Who can sign the notice regarding transfer of ownership?
Anyone with authority to sign legal documents on the facility’s behalf may sign the documents. It is strongly recommended that this person be from the original owner of the accreditation.

What is required for a facility to transfer ownership of accreditation?
A facility experiencing a change of name, change of ownership, or change in operations, or those requiring changes of any kind to their IAC Agreement must make all updates via the IAC Online Accreditation portal. The IAC will then review the Agreement and determine whether the facility must apply for accreditation as a new facility, or if the facility’s existing accreditation remains valid. Any changes to the Agreement must be approved by the IAC and may incur a $200.00 fee.