What Sets IAC Apart? - IAC

Whether considering participation in the IAC accreditation process on a voluntary basis or to meet reimbursement directives, facilities experience a process built by and for their specialties through IAC’s intersocietal, multi-specialty approach.

Explore below to discover the attributes of IAC accreditation that make it the optimal process for your facility.

A nationally recognized, CMS-approved nonprofit organization, IAC exists solely as an accrediting body and is not a membership society.

IAC utilizes a rigorous clinical peer review process to ensure that quality and safe practices are established for improved patient outcomes. The process seeks to advance appropriate utilization, standardization and quality of diagnostic imaging, interventional and therapeutic procedures.

IAC stands out as a leader in the accreditation of imaging and intervention-based procedures as the only CMS-approved accrediting body that provides a clinical peer review of case studies (with pathology) for diagnostic quality, report accuracy and report completeness. This distinction enables IAC to provide the most comprehensive review process in the accreditation industry.

For more than 30 years, IAC’s reputation has been built on comprehensive standards, a rigorous review process and the best customer service in the accreditation industry.

The IAC accreditation process is educational, not punitive. Our clinical and administrative staff are dedicated to working with facilities to guide them in achieving accreditation. IAC customers consistently rank the service, resources and overall experience they receive from the IAC at the highest levels of satisfaction.