IAC Review & Decisions - IAC

Once your facility has submitted the online application and mailed the corresponding materials, the IAC will begin the process of reviewing the completed application and rendering a decision.

Application Review

Upon an application’s submission to the IAC office, it is imported into the database, enabling the IAC to begin the internal review process. The application review process generally takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks to complete, at which time the decision is provided to the facility*.

* For expedited applications, ensure that the case study images are received by the IAC within two business days after final submission of the application.

Accreditation Decisions

After the review process has been completed, the facility will be notified of the accreditation decision [Grant, Delay, Site Visit, Deny] via a notification letter that may be downloaded from the Online Accreditation portal. IAC accreditation is granted for a three-year period from the original date of decision.

In addition to the documentation provided in the Online Accreditation portal, facilities that are granted accreditation receive two shipments, a Certificate Kit and a Marketing Kit, both sent to the attention of the Technical Director.

Additional details about the Certificate Kit and Marketing Kit can be found in the Marketing Your Accreditation guide.

Site Visit

As part of the IAC accreditation process, applicant facilities have the potential of being identified to undergo a site visit. The Board of Directors may determine that a site visit is required in order to better assess the facility and determine the final accreditation decision. The site visit notification letter informs the facility that a site visit is necessary and provides instructions for arranging the visit.

For additional information regarding the IAC review, decision and site visit process, please review the IAC Accreditation Program Policies & Procedures, Section 4 through 8.