Certificates & Additional Items - IAC

Virtual Certificates

Printed copies of your IAC Accreditation Certificate may take several weeks to ship to accredited facilities. In the meantime, accredited facilities may access a virtual copy of the certificate immediately after your receive notification you are granted accreditation. To access your virtual certificate:

  1. Login to IAC Online Accreditation;
  2. Click on the Applications tab;
  3. Scroll down to your most recent granted application;
  4. Under Available Actions, click on the star icon; and
  5. Click Download Application Virtual Certificates.

Printed Certificates

Facilities Granted Prior to May 2022:

At the time of application submission, your facility requested your complimentary certificate and any additional items via the IAC Online Accreditation portal. The designated Technical Director is shipped the Certificate Kit which contains 2 copies of the IAC Certificate of Accreditation for each granted site, bearing the facility name, testing area(s) accredited and expiration date. It may be displayed or used as the facility deems appropriate.

If you were granted accreditation prior to May 2022 and have questions regarding your complimentary certificates or additional items, please e-mail certificates@intersocietal.org.

Facilities Granted Accreditation May 2022 and Beyond:

The IAC is excited to announce the availability of a new system to order your complimentary certificates and additional optional items for your facility.

After your facility receives notification that you have been granted accreditation from IAC, your Technical Director will receive a separate e-mail inviting them to order your facility’s complimentary certificates.

This e-mail will contain a username and password to login to review and approve your facility’s two complimentary certificates. The username and password do not expire, you may log back in to order additional items at any time after you receive the initial e-mail invitation.

To request minor typographical corrections to your certificate(s): Please e-mail certification@theawardgroup.com prior to placing your order. The changes will be made and you will be notified when you can log back in to order your revised certificates.

To request a major Facility Name or Address change to your certificate(s): Changes to the facility name or address on the certificate are not permitted unless they are minor typographical requests. Requests to change your legal facility name or address should be e-mailed to certificates@intersocietal.org PRIOR to placing your certificate order. Once the changes are approved, you will receive a new request to order your certificates.

If you are ordering complimentary certificates only, you must still complete the entire checkout process including confirmation of where to ship the certificates. You will not be asked for any payment information unless you opt to purchase any of the additional items noted below. If your facility does not log into to the site to review and order your complimentary certificates, two complimentary copies will be automatically shipped to the Technical Director’s attention at your primary site address after 6 weeks of non-response.

For complete instructions on how to order your certificates, click here or watch a demo video at vimeo.com/712921922.

Ordering Additional Certificate Copies and Plaques

You will also have the opportunity to order additional copies of your certificate ($10 each) and/or ready to hang frames in a variety of options. These are optional purchases that provide a convenient mechanism for proudly displaying your accreditation achievement to patients, their caregivers and for creating pride amongst facility staff.


All items are shipped approx. 6-8 weeks after your facility is granted accreditation. You will receive tracking information via e-mail after your order has shipped.

Any issues with certificates, including question regarding status, shipping or damage should be e-mailed to certification@theawardgroup.com.