Program Fees - IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology

Program Fees

Fee Reduction for Facilities Applying in 2023: IAC is committed to making diagnostic and interventional accreditation accessible to all patient care settings. We understand the economic and resource challenges that the health care system is currently facing. As a nonprofit accreditor that is solely focused on patient safety, at a time when costs are increasing all around us, IAC wants to ensure your efforts to document quality through accreditation can continue and is offering reduced base fees throughout 2023.

Accreditation Fee Structure

$6,000 application base fee … Cardiac Electrophysiology (20% reduction thru 12/31/23)
Procedural Area(s)/Module(s): Device Implantation (required), Testing and Ablation and/or Chronic Lead Extraction

  • $2,000 … per additional procedural area/module (LAAO or Device Clinic [Add-On])
  • $2,000 … per additional procedural area/module after initial application submission of Device Implantation only (Testing and Ablation or Chronic Lead Extraction)

$6,000 application base fee … Device Clinic Standalone (20% reduction thru 12/31/23)

Note: Application fees apply to three-year accreditation cycle and are applied at checkout during the application submission process. Facilities may use the Online Fee Estimator to calculate the 2023 discount. Applicant facilities will have the option to choose a payment method (check, credit card or ACH payment). Any completed financial transactions made with the IAC can be viewed in the Online Accreditation account under the Accounting tab; any pending transactions can be found on the Purchase Extras/Cart tab.

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Additional Fees (if applicable)

  • Expedited Applicationadditional $3,000 (terms and conditions as listed on page 5 of the IAC Policies & Procedures apply)
  • Delayed Decision$500 per submission after first delay submission (terms and conditions as listed on page 12 of the IAC Policies & Procedures apply)