2021: The Year of MRI Safety (Webcast) - IAC

2021: The Year of MRI Safety (Webcast)

IAC is pleased to offer a complimentary webcast, 2021: The Year of MRI Safety.

Presented by Tobias B. Gilk, MRSO, MRSE, this webcast is designed to discuss the universal risks with MRIs; how the tragic 2001 accident resulting in a boy’s death refocused industry attention on MRI safety; what has changed in MRI safety in the past 20 years; and where we go from here.

This webcast will teach participants to:

  • Identify the three electromagnetic fields that produce potential hazards near MRI scanners
  • Understand the tragedy largely responsible for the industry attention to MRI safety
  • Learn how growth in MRI adverse events has alarmingly outpaced procedure volume growth in the past 20 years
  • Understand a series of steps that may help reduce a site’s individual MRI risk factors

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Participation in this IAC webcast is voluntary. In addition, participants are eligible to receive 0.5 ASRT CE credit. Please Note: To receive the credit, participants must 1) log in to the IAC Webinar Portal, 2) view the webcast and 3) complete the survey (under CE Information tab, click Take Evaluation). If you have questions regarding this webcast, e-mail webinars@intersocietal.org.