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Radiology Practices Are Choosing IAC Accreditation

IAC has been solely dedicated to recognizing quality and safety through accreditation for over 30 years. Offering a customer service-driven approach to accreditation, IAC is leading the field with innovative customized solutions for your facility.

What Sets IAC Apart | Why Achieve IAC Accreditation?

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Join the more than 14,000 IAC-accredited facilities who consistently express the highest levels of satisfaction with IAC’s customer service and resources. IAC offers accreditation in the following areas:

Coronary Calcium Scoring CT
Cardiovascular MRI
Coronary CTA
Breast MRI
Neurological CT
Body MRI
Maxillofacial CT*
Musculoskeletal MRI
Body CT*
Neurological MRI
Vascular CTA
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Vascular Testing
Nuclear Cardiology
Extracranial Cerebrovascular
General Nuclear Medicine
Peripheral Arterial
Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Visceral Vascular
Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
Intracranial Cerebrovascular
Peripheral Venous
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*Facilities utilizing a cone beam CT scanner may apply for accreditation in these testing areas.