SNMMI and IAC Collaborate on New Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Accreditation Program - IAC

SNMMI and IAC Collaborate on New Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Accreditation Program

Standards Now Available Ahead of Accreditation Application Coming Soon in 2023!

Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Accreditation

JUNE 26, 2023 | IAC is pleased to announce the release of the The IAC Standards & Guidelines for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Accreditation ahead of the availability of the new program coming later in 2023. In collaboration with the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), quality and safety Standards have been developed for radiopharmaceutical therapy.

The new radiopharmaceutical therapy accreditation will augment the existing IAC accreditation areas of Nuclear Cardiology, General Nuclear Medicine and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

The IAC is also releasing an update to the IAC Standards & Guidelines for Nuclear/PET AccreditationStandards that are highlighted are content changes that were made as part of the June 26, 2023 revision are effective immediately. Facilities applying for accreditation after June 26, 2023 revision must comply with these new highlighted Standards.

IAC Standards & Guidelines for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy | Download
IAC Standards & Guidelines for Nuclear/PET Accreditation | Download

If your facility is interested in applying for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy when the application is available, complete an interest form.

SNMMI and IAC are proud to announce this enhanced partnership that will help ensure quality care for patients receiving radiopharmaceutical therapy.

“IAC and SNMMI have worked together for many years, as SNMMI is a founding sponsoring organization of the IAC Nuclear/PET accreditation program. The creation of the new Radiopharmaceutical Therapy accreditation offering is possible through our collaboration and leverages both organizations’ strengths toward our aligned missions focused on quality and safe patient care. Through a multi-specialty approach, the SNMMI representatives along with our other sponsoring organizations, have contributed greatly to the development of standards for radiopharmaceutical therapy, ensuring that they are reflective of SNMMI guidelines and current best practices that lead to improved patient care.”
Howard Lewin, MD, FACC, FASNC
President of the IAC Nuclear/PET Board of Directors

“SNMMI is excited about this accreditation program because it builds upon both the SNMMI Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Centers of Excellence and the IAC nuclear medicine accreditation programs.”
Munir Ghesani, MD, FACNM, FACR
President of SNMMI

“Radiopharmaceutical therapy is a powerful technique for treating cancer that is now being used to great benefit in patients with prostate and other cancers. It is essential that patients receiving radiopharmaceutical therapy be confident that their providers meet high standards of training and experience. The new SNMMI-IAC Radiopharmaceutical Therapy accreditation helps assure that sites delivering radiopharmaceutical therapy are qualified and experienced, have appropriate facilities and equipment, and can offer safe and reliable radiopharmaceutical therapy.”
Richard L. Wahl, MD, PhD, FASE
SNMMI Immediate Past President, Member of IAC Nuclear/PET Board of Directors

Questions regarding radiopharmaceutical therapy accreditation may be directed to the IAC Nuclear/PET Team at