Nuclear/PET Accreditation Milestone Program

2024 Accreditation Milestone Recipients

Qualifying facilities have maintained accreditation for 20 (Bronze) or 25 (Silver) consecutive years as of 2024 or achieved the minimum amount of accreditation cycles in that time period deemed appropriate by IAC to qualify for this recognition. This listing is reviewed and updated regularly (last reviewed 7/9/2024) and subject to change. Please e-mail with any questions about the recipients list.



In 1998, the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear/PET Laboratories (ICANL) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization, with the goal of providing the field of nuclear cardiology, nuclear medicine and PET as an independent, objective evaluation for process improvement. The purpose was to help facilities standardize their processes to provide better patient care and improved outcomes.

All stakeholders with an interest in ensuring quality imaging studies and patient safety – including clinicians, the related medical societies who serve as sponsoring organizations and insurers – had confidence that participation in the accreditation process would lead to better patient care

The recognized group of facilities make up a truly remarkable group of facilities dedicated to quality patient care!

For questions regarding the IAC Nuclear/PET Milestone Recognition Program, e-mail