Case Study Requirements - MRI

Applicant facilities must submit six case studies for each MRI scanner for review of the interpretive and technical (clinical image) quality. Each case study to be submitted must have been performed within 12 months prior to the date of submission of the application and must contain:

  • The final report
  • A completed MRI Scan Parameter Form
  • All images (source and reconstructed) that have been reviewed by the interpreting physician

The case studies to be submitted must demonstrate an extensive variety of MRI examinations that include:

  • all testing areas selected in the application (i.e., body MRI, cardiovascular MRI, musculoskeletal MRI, neurological MRI, breast MRI and MRA)
    • e.g., if your facility is applying in two testing areas you must submit three cases for each testing area; if your facility is applying in one testing area, you must submit six case studies for that testing area.
  • as many different MRI examinations performed at the facility for each testing area selected
    • e.g., neurological MRI - brain, lumbar spine, cervical spine, etc.; musculoskeletal MRI - knee, shoulder, wrist, etc.
  • as many different medical staff members who interpret and technical staff members who perform MRI examinations. At least one case study interpreted by the Medical Director must be submitted. All case studies to be submitted must have been performed/interpreted by current technical/medical staff members.
  • some type of pathology

Case Study Requirements (Listed by Testing Area)

Submitting Case Studies / Corresponding Materials

During final submission, the payment method will be selected, and you will be instructed to upload the case study images and fee (if paid by check) within 5 business days.

Effective January 1, 2021, shipped case study materials are no longer accepted. Facilities are now required to upload all materials through IAC’s HIPAA-compliant, secure medical imaging sharing service. View Instructions»

For more details on uploading cases, please visit

HIPAA Concerns?

All materials submitted to the IAC will be handled with strict confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Read more in the Agreement section of the IAC website»