Proposed Revisions to the IAC MRI Standards & Guidelines Open for Public Comment - IAC

Proposed Revisions to the IAC MRI Standards & Guidelines Open for Public Comment


In keeping with the IAC’s continued commitment to give our applicant facilities a voice in the accreditation process, we are pleased to announce the opportunity to comment on proposed revisions to the IAC Standards and Guidelines for MRI Accreditation. The 60-day public comment period will be available April 1-June 1, 2024.

The Standards are reviewed periodically by the IAC MRI Board of Directors and revised as needed. As a component to the accreditation process, proposed Standards that have been approved by the Board of Directors are then posted to the IAC website for a public comment period. These proposed Standards include changes to the current Standards and/or the addition of new Standards.

The majority of the revisions surround the addition of Standards for portable and remote MRI technology.

  • Portable MRI Scanning – Standards to address new technology which allows point of care service for MRI brain exams.
  • Remote MRI Scanning – Standards to provide guidance and safeguards if the facility has a need to utilize a remote scanning service.
  • Contrast Administration and Supervision – Revision to existing Standards to clarify the usage of updated MRI contrast agents and expanding the role of contrast supervision

Review Changes / Submit a Comment

Submit a Comment on Proposed Standards:

  1. Visit the IAC comment period website at or click the button above;
  2. Select the proposed Standard you wish to comment on;
  3. A window will expand with the description of the existing Standard and the proposed change on the left;
  4. On the right, fill in your name and comment in the boxes provided;
  5. Hit Submit.

At the close of the comment period, the IAC MRI Board of Directors will review all submitted comments, consider modifications as needed and vote for final approval of the Standards.

The new Standards will be posted to the website and available for download at