IAC Agreement /Business Associate Agreement

Applications submitted to the IAC must be accompanied by a completed IAC Accreditation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in order to receive an accreditation decision. Effective November 18, 2019 all IAC agreements must be submitted online via the IAC Online Accreditation portal. Agreements that are e-mailed, mailed or faxed will not be accepted.

Facilities with existing IAC accounts will be required to submit a new Accreditation Agreement / BAA prior to continuing to work on an existing accreditation application or creating a new application. For step-by-step instructions for submitting a new Accreditation Agreement / BAA, please visit intersocietal.org/iac/agreementchanges.htm. Facilities will also have the option to upload their facility’s own customized BAA. To view a PowerPoint on the process for making the changes, please click here (PP will download in your browser window).

The new submission process provides greater efficiency as facilities will no longer be required to submit an agreement or BAA with each new application unless a change is required (e.g., change in a facility name, change in address, etc.). This process will only need to be completed once per facility account and does not need to be completed for each site.

Making Changes to the Agreement

A facility experiencing a change of name, change of ownership, or change in operations, or those requiring changes of any kind to their IAC Agreement must make all updates via the IAC Online Accreditation portal.

Any changes to the Agreement must be pre-approved by the IAC and may incur a $200.00 fee. See Facilities With Changes In Agreement, Ownership or Operations for complete details.

HIPAA Compliance and the Agreement

To ensure compliance with the regulations set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Accreditation Agreement includes a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) defining the IAC as a "business associate" and defining its duties and obligations as such.

For facilities using any Business Associate Agreement other than the IAC Business Associate Agreement, the Business Associate Agreement Addendum must be completed via the Online Accreditation portal.

If you have any questions regarding the completion, submission, or review of the accreditation agreement, please e-mail iac-agreement-help@intersocietal.org

Any specific legal questions may be directed to lawfirm@intersocietal.org