New from IAC… The Ability to Upload Your Case Studies

Uploading case studies provides a more efficient way to assess your facility’s interpretative and technical quality:

  • Enables more rapid processing of your facility’s application
  • Avoid the step of shipping your case materials to the IAC office
  • IAC’s HIPAA-compliant, secure medical image sharing service (ImageShare) ensures safe submissions

Beginning January 1, 2021, IAC will no longer accept shipped case study materials. Our staff is available to help should you require assistance.

On Demand Webcast - Uploading Cases to Your IAC Application: A How-To Guide

This webcast provides instruction on the process of uploading case study images and is designed to define the steps to uploading case study images, discuss the benefits of uploading case study images, and identify and explain common obstacles that may occur while uploading case study images.

Minimum System Requirements for Uploading Case Studies

Network Requirements

  • Access to through port 443
  • Access to the following IP ranges from Amazon AWS S3:
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6:
      • 2600:1fa0:8000::/40
      • 2600:1ff9:8000::/40

Browser Requirements

  • Recommended: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
  • Also compatible with: Internet Explorer with Java Version 1.7 or higher installed (IE 10+)