What is IAC Vein Center Accreditation?

IAC accreditation demonstrates a commitment to quality care.

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) accredits facilities that provide venous evaluation and management and/or treatment procedures. IAC accreditation is a process by which vein centers can evaluate and demonstrate the level of patient care they provide. Through the accreditation process, facilities assess every aspect of daily operation and its impact on the quality of health care provided to patients. While completing the accreditation application, facilities often identify and correct potential problems, revise protocols, and validate Quality Improvement (QI) programs. Because accreditation is renewed every three years, a long-term commitment to quality and self-assessment is developed and maintained. Facilities may use IAC accreditation as the foundation to create and achieve realistic quality care goals.

IAC accreditation provides a confidential peer-review.

Designed to serve facilities as an educational tool, IAC Vein Center accreditation is made up of two crucial steps. First, facilities conduct a detailed self-evaluation using the IAC Standards for Vein Center Accreditation and the Online Accreditation application. Completion of the application requires detailed information on all aspects of facility operation as well as the submission of actual case studies for review. The case studies are crucial in determining the facility’s compliance with the IAC Standards, and are the basis for judgment of the quality of work that facilities perform. Once the self-evaluation is completed, the documents and case studies are reviewed by the IAC Vein Center Board of Directors. All aspects of the review are confidential.

IAC accreditation is a recruiting tool.

Accredited facilities can use their accreditation as a recruiting tool to attract the best and brightest physicians, physician assistants and nurses. Talented professionals look for high-quality programs, and accreditation assures potential employees that a facility is dedicated to achieving the highest standards for patient care.

IAC accreditation is intersocietal.

The intersocietal, multi-specialty approach is the foundation of the accrediting divisions under the IAC umbrella. IAC Vein Center is a nonprofit organization established with the support of the sponsoring organizations. Representatives from these sponsoring organizations, including physicians, technologists and nurses, serve on the IAC Vein Center Board of Directors.

It's proven successful.

Modeled after the success of the first of Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) division, Vascular Testing, IAC Vein Center was created in 2013 to accredit vein centers, becoming the seventh member division of the IAC. The IAC offers multi-modality accreditation through its programs dedicated to Vascular Testing, Echocardiography, Nuclear/PET, MRI, CT / Dental CT, Carotid Stenting, Vein Center, Cardiac Electrophysiology and Cardiovascular Catheterization.