If you are a facility that offers screening, please select one of the following that pertains to your facility:

IAC Screening Program

To all IAC accredited facilities or those facilities planning to seek accreditation, which perform screening examinations: The IAC Standards for Screening are available in Part VII of the IAC STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES FOR VASCULAR TESTING ACCREDITATION. Get more information regarding the IAC and vascular screening from the IAC position statement. To download the current IAC Standards, go to the Standards section of the website»


CAMS Program

Are you a dedicated screening service that performs vascular screening, but does not offer diagnostic examinations?

You should know about The Commission for the Accreditation of Medical Screening Services (CAMS).

Go to CAMS website

Created as a subsidiary of the IAC Vascular Testing program, the CAMS accreditation is based upon written standards that define the minimum requirements deemed necessary for a service to provide quality vascular screening examinations.

To learn more, visit the CAMS website. For CAMS accreditation fees, visit the fees section»