Adding or Replacing MRI Unit

An additional or replacement MRI unit may be added to a facility’s currently accredited site during the three-year accreditation cycle. Accreditation is granted only for the specific testing areas for which a facility has applied and submitted an application. Though facilities may be performing other testing in the facility, those areas are not covered under the accreditation until an application for the specific testing type is submitted and granted accreditation (click here for more information).

PLEASE NOTE: Any equipment added during the three-year accreditation cycle is considered part of the original accreditation application and will expire on the current expiration date. For example, a facility adding (or replacing) a unit in December 2019, to an application that expires on January 31, 2021, the expiration date does not change.

To add or replace a MRI unit to a facility’s current accreditation, the add on or replacement forms must be completed and submitted with the required case studies and other documentation. As well, the facility will be required to pay the fees associated with adding or replacing a MRI unit.

Are you adding a site/imaging location and a unit to your current accreditation? If yes, click here.

When a facility is replacing or adding an additional MRI unit, the following is required:


  • Enter the additional MRI unit information in the Manage Equipment tab and mark the prior MRI unit as deactivated (if replaced)

SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION (via a trackable carrier such as UPS or FedEx):

  • MRI Replacement or Adding a Unit Form
  • Documentation of the acceptance testing performed after the installation of the MRI unit by the service engineer or a medical physicist, or the most recent preventative maintenance report performed by a service engineer if the MRI unit was installed more than one year prior to the date of this submission.  
  • 5 days of routine operator quality control (QC) test results performed after the MRI unit was installed that includes the QC log sheet/report that records the QC measurements and corresponding phantom images that display the QC measurements. Submit the QC phantom images on a CD, DVD, or USB drive.
  • 1 case study representative of each accredited testing area that includes all images on a CD, DVD, or USB drive in a DICOM format with the DICOM viewer installed, the final report, and a MRI Scan Parameter Form. View Case Studies Requirements» for guidance related to the types of MRI examinations to be submitted.
  • $800 fee for adding a unit

Need help adding a unit? Contact the staff for assistance.