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IAC On Demand24/7 access...FREE of charge...Learn at your leisure from trained accreditation specialists. The IAC has created a series of webcasts entitled IAC On Demand. Now you can learn about accreditation at your leisure, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, for free. IAC On Demand is simple and easy to use; just choose the topic you wish to learn more about, sit back and listen.

Please note: The following webcasts were recorded from previously live webinars; no CE credit is available for viewing recorded webcasts.

About the Accreditation Process:

  • IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology: Accreditation Simplified (Updated November 2020)
    Presented by Frank Vermeiren, M.S., RT (R)(CV), RDCS, Director of Accreditation - IAC Cardiac EP, this webcast is designed to: provide an overview of the IAC Cardiac EP Standards; present the basics of preparing your IAC application; offer IAC resources to help you earn accreditation; answer questions in a live Q&A forum. Watch»
  • NEW! Uploading Cases to Your IAC Application: A How-To Guide (November 2020)
    Presented by Maria Costello, MBA, CNMT, NCT, Lead Clinical Director/Director of Accreditation-Nuclear/PET and Cindy Shavatt, CCEP, Director of Compliance /Director of Accreditation Processes, this webinar provides instruction on the process of uploading case study images (the required method of case submission beginning 1/1/2021). This webinar is designed to: define the steps to uploading case study images, discuss the benefits of uploading case study images, and identify and explain common obstacles that may occur while uploading case study images. Watch»

Special Topics:

  • NEW! LAA Closure: Addressing the Unmet Needs for AF Patients (December 2020)
    Presented by Walid Saliba, MD, this webinar is designed to: relate current guidelines to previously published statements on left atrial appendage closure and best practices in AF patients; recognize quality and safety aspects of left atrial appendage closure; and explain the role of left atrial appendage closure in AF patients. Watch»
  • Radial Access and Quality: Update for 2020 (November 2019)
    Presented by Mladen Vidovich, MD, FACC, FSCAI, this webinar is designed to: relate current guidelines to previously published statements on transradial artery access technique and best practices; recognize quality and safety aspects of transradial artery access; and explain the role of transradial artery access as compared to other approaches for arterial access. Watch»

Patient Safety:

  • Building a Culture of Quality: The Imaging Professional’s Role in Ensuring Patient Safety
    Presented by Rosemary Gibson, MSc, this webcast is designed to show participants how to recognize how every aspect of the health care provider's patient interaction impacts patient safety, from quality imaging to accurate reporting and beyond; discuss the patient perspective and use of the IAC process as a foundation to build a culture that naturally emphasizes continuous improvement. Watch»

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