Case Study / Supporting Documentation Submission & Review

Once the application is submitted via the Online Accreditation account, four cases from the submitted procedure log will be randomly selected by the IAC for review if the facility is applying in either Adult Diagnostic Catheterization or Pediatric Cardiovascular Catheterization only (if applying in both areas, four Pediatric Cardiovascular Catherization cases and four Adult Diagnostic Catheterization cases will be required.) If the facility is applying in both Adult Diagnostic Catheterization and PCI, two Adult Diagnostic Catheterization case studies and four PCI case studies will be required. If applying for any additional testing areas (Valve Interventions, Structural Heart Interventions, Complex Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD), the IAC will randomly select two cases from each additional testing area from the submitted procedure log. The Medical Director, Nurse Manager and Technical Manager identified in the application will be notified that the application was received and which procedures have been selected for submission.

Once your facility has been notified by the IAC of which cases have been selected, the case documentation listed below must be uploaded to the Online Accreditation account within 30 days.

  • Cardiovascular assessment pre-procedure documentation
  • Cardiovascular assessment post-procedure documentation
  • Consent for the cardiovascular catheterization procedure
  • Case documentation (all hemodynamic and other measures captured during the performance of the procedure)
  • Patient history and physical documentation
  • Nurse/technical monitoring report(s) during the procedure
  • Anesthesia monitoring report during the procedure
  • When appropriate, most recent pertinent reports from testing performed prior to the Cardiovascular Catheterization procedure
  • Physician procedural report
  • Discharge instructions
  • Representative imaging to include angiography and/or ultrasound demonstrating all pre-, intra- and post-intervention imaging performed within the procedure room

Upload Supporting Documentation

  1. Log into the Online Accreditation account;
  2. Proceed to the Applications tab and scroll to the applicable application;
  3. Beneath the application there will be a ‘Case Information’ section listing all required case studies; click the Start button to the left of each case study to begin uploading the required documentation.
  4. First Time Applicants: To upload images online, please e-mail Frank Vermeiren for instructions.

    OR mail to the IAC office via a traceable carrier (i.e., UPS, FedEx). It is required that all case study images be sent in a single shipment. Mail to: IAC Cardiovascular Catheterization, 6021 University Blvd., Suite 500, Ellicott City, MD 21043.

All required documentation must be submitted for each procedure before the review of the application can continue.

Case Study Review Process

Once the case study documentation has been received in the IAC office, the IAC Cardiovascular Catheterization staff will continue the review process and evaluate the submitted case studies.

An accreditation decision will generally be rendered within 8-10 weeks from the date the online portion of the application was submitted.