Required Documentation

Completing the online questionnaire portion of the application is only part of the submission process. Certain additional items are also required in order to complete your application submission to the IAC.

All facilities are required to include the items listed below as part of the Online Accreditation application prior to hitting the submit button online:

  • Procedure Volumes (estimated annual staff and facility procedure volume information)
  • Training/Experience and Certificate/Credential Information for Medical and Technical Staff
  • Physicist’s Surveys (only submit the surveys for the equipment in which Carotid Stenting procedures are performed)
  • Patient Carotid Stent Procedure Log | Download»
  • Outcome Data Analysis Chart | Download»
  • Equipment Information (department, manufacturer, model number, serial number, mobility and date of most recent PM)
  • CME/CE Information for Medical and Technical Staff (must be kept on file and available for review)

The following policies and/or protocols must be in place prior to application submission:

For complete details on these requirements, please review the IAC Standards for Carotid Stenting Accreditation.