IAC Carotid Stenting Accreditation: The Final Checklist

As your facility prepares to hit submit in the online portion of the application, it’s important that you review your application for accuracy and ensure that you are submitting all of the necessary items. The IAC suggests applicant facilities hold a quality improvement meeting prior to submission to review the entire application for accuracy and completeness.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you should have included in your online application before you hit submit:

Before You Hit Submit:

Questionnaire – Did your facility complete the application questionnaire in its entirety?

Procedure Volumes – Did you submit all of the necessary facility procedure volume information?

Training/Experience and Certificate/Credential Information for Medical and Technical Staff – Is your staff fulfilling all of the necessary Training/Experience Pathways as required by the IAC Standards for Carotid Stenting Accreditation?

Carotid Stent Procedure Log – Did your facility prepare and submit the carotid stent procedure log?

Outcome Analysis Form – Did your facility complete and submit the required outcomes data form and analysis for carotid stenting procedures meeting the clinical criteria as outlined in the Standards?

Equipment Information (department, manufacturer, model number, serial number, mobility and date of most recent PM)

CME/CE Information for All Staff Members –  Is the CME information for all staff on file and available for review?

QI Documentation – Did you submit all necessary QI documentation as required by the IAC Standards for Carotid Stenting Accreditation (Applicable Standard: 1.1C)?

Once you have confirmed you included each of these items in the online application, you are ready to hit submit and move onto completing your payment.