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IAC Announces Accreditation Expansion into International Markets

With a 30-year history of offering medical accreditation to facilities within the U.S. and Canada, the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) announces its expansion into international markets. Facilities providing and interpreting medical imaging and interventional procedures throughout the world, in a variety of settings inclusive of medical centers, hospitals, outpatient imaging centers and physicians’ offices, are now eligible to participate in the IAC accreditation process. To fulfill its mission of Improving health care through accreditation®, the IAC seeks to broaden the impact of its accreditation efforts to encompass medical imaging and interventional procedures across the globe.

The IAC recognizes that medical institutions are expanding their programs to provide patients with greater access to quality care and that such initiatives increasingly involve worldwide operations. It is the philosophy of IAC that facilities performing and interpreting diagnostic imaging and interventional services outside of the U.S. and Canada can benefit greatly from adherence to established best practices, as outlined within the published IAC Standards for Accreditation and through the corresponding peer-review process. By earning IAC accreditation, international facilities can demonstrate that they have undergone a rigorous evaluation and are committed to continuous quality improvement and quality patient care.

“Globalization of IAC’s accreditation offerings into the international marketplace is a milestone for our nonprofit organization,” said David Sacks, MD, IAC Chairperson. “We are eager to share our expertise across numerous imaging and therapeutic procedures with practitioners performing and interpreting these tests and procedures throughout the world. In the future, patients undergoing imaging studies and interventional procedures beyond U.S. and Canadian borders will be able to seek out facilities that have earned IAC accreditation, an indication that a careful critique has been conducted on all aspects of the facility’s operations, as considered relevant by clinical experts.”

“While physicians and medical technologists throughout the world have had the opportunity to reference our Standards as a guideline for many years, IAC’s growth into international markets takes our mission one step further as these facilities can now benefit from the valuable self-assessment and peer-review aspects that the IAC accreditation programs offer,” said Mary T. Lally, MS, CAE, IAC’s Chief Executive Officer.

The IAC will offer accreditation to international facilities in its diagnostic imaging (vascular testing, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology/PET/general nuclear medicine, MRI, diagnostic CT and dental CT) as well as its interventional (carotid stenting, vein treatment and management, cardiac electrophysiology and cardiovascular catheterization) programs. Accreditation decisions rendered to international applicant facilities will be made in accordance with the existing IAC Accreditation Program Policies & Procedures, inclusive of the review of submitted applications, representative case studies and, when applicable, recommendations by site visitors. The application and all corresponding documents required for accreditation will be solely issued and accepted in English.