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IAC Vascular Testing - Newsroom

Enhancements to Online Accreditation

In keeping with IAC’s commitment to continuously streamline the online accreditation process, the IAC is pleased to announce new enhancements available to applicant facilities:

Pre-submission Case Requirements Check

IAC is now offering a pre-submission case requirements check for applicant facilities (Vascular Testing, Echocardiography, Nuclear/PET, MRI, CT/Dental). At this time, this is an optional step that facilities may utilize prior to finalizing their application. The pre-submission case requirements check will be performed by IAC staff and was designed to rectify errors and inappropriate case study selection made by facility users prior to final application submission in an effort to provide a more efficient application submission process. To learn more about the process and how to access this new feature, visit

Enhanced Password Reset Process

We are pleased to announce that IAC has also enhanced the process for resetting a password for Online Accreditation. By clicking the Forgot Your Password? link on the account login screen, then verifying account details, it is now easier to access your account if you have forgotten or lost your User ID or password. Tips for Securing Your Online Accreditation Login Information»

For additional help or questions about your online account, please contact IAC staff at 800-838-2110 or e-mail

IAC Changes Fee Structure for Multiple Sites

FEBRUARY 2014 | Effective March 1, 2014, the fees for facilities applying for multiple sites will change. New multiple site fee structure (effective 3/1/2014):

Per site fee for multiple sites:

  • $1,200 per site for sites 2-3
  • $960 per site for sites 4-10 (20% discount)
  • $750 per site for each site over 10

Each mobile location per unit (without permanent scanner) over one location:

  • $1,200 per site for sites 2-3
  • $960 per site for sites 4-10 (20% discount)
  • $750 per site for each site over 10

For complete details on vascular testing fees, visit the Fees page»

ICA Stenosis Diagnostic Criteria White Paper

JANUARY 6, 2014 | In the context of significant inconsistency related to the use of diagnostic criteria for internal carotid artery stenosis, the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) Vascular Testing (formerly ICAVL) today issued a White Paper entitled IAC Vascular Testing White Paper on Carotid Stenosis Interpretation Criteria”. It puts forward a recommendation that, in the absence of a rigorously, internally validated single set of diagnostic criteria, facilities should consider the use of one single set of standardized diagnostic criteria. The recommendations made within the White Paper aim to through more standardization of internal carotid artery stenosis diagnostic criteria enhance the accuracy, reproducibility, portability and value of duplex ultrasound for the diagnosis of carotid disease.  

Read IAC Vascular Testing White Paper on Carotid Stenosis Interpretation Criteria»

Congratulations to IAC Forum Essay Winners

The IAC extends congratulations and gratitude to the facility staff representatives who were selected to come Washington, D.C. this fall to participate in The IAC Forum.

Staff leaders of IAC accredited facilities that have continuously proven a commitment to quality were invited to submit essays to attend The Forum. Above, the winners from the essay contest are pictured (LEFT TO RIGHT): Naftoli Neuburger, MD - Naftoli Neuburger, MD, PC; Beth Gulyasy, RDCS - Technical Director of UPMC Heart & Vascular Institute; Noura Aman, BS, RVT, RDCS - Vascular Lab Technical Director at Mission Internal Medicine Group; Cathy Dickens, BS, RDCS - Technical Director at Children’s Hospital of Richmond; Thomas Schneider, MD, RVT - Vascular Lab Medical Director at St. Joseph Health Center; Amy Corbett, BS, RDMS, RVT - Technical Director at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore; Jessie Riley, MA, RT(N) - Technical Director/Nuclear Cardiology Supervisor at Lexington Medical Center; Cesar Rodriguez, RT(R)(CT), CNMT, RSO - Director of Medical Imaging at Laredo Cardiovascular Consultants, P.A.; Nigel Thomas, RDMS, RT(R), RVT - Technical Director at Fairfax Radiological Consultants; Kathleen Hannon, MS, RVT, RDMS - Technical Director of Clinical Diagnostic Vascular Lab at Mass General Hospital; Doug Wuebben, BA, AS, RDCS - Pediatric and Adult Echo Technical Director at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton, S.D.

The first ever IAC Forum brought together a variety of stakeholders to provide critical thoughts and explore the value and direction of IAC accreditation. The more than 100 attendees represented each of the IAC divisions. The commitment, dedication to the process and ideas for improvement shared specifically by these individuals was very evident and their participation invaluable. The event resulted in extensive, valuable feedback that the IAC will utilize as the roadmap as future plans are designed. See photos from the event»

IAC Earns ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 Certifications

OCTOBER 17, 2013 | The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) has earned certification for compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)’s 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 standards.

IAC Earns ISO Certification

IAC staff (left to right) Sandra Katanick, IAC CEO; Cindy Weiland, IAC Chief Compliance Officer; Kenneth Kirby, IAC Chief Information Officer; and Mary Lally, IAC Deputy CEO

According to Geoffrey A. Rose, MD, FACC, FASE, IAC Chairperson, “Just as IAC accreditation demonstrates to the outside world a facility’s commitment to quality and quality improvement, so ISO certification demonstrates IAC’s commitment to a disciplined approach in assaying that quality and protecting that information.”

Upon completion of an extensive systems evaluation, IAC now possesses certification and is designated as a quality certified organization in two specific areas:

  • ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System certification assures the incorporation of a process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system designed to enhance customer satisfaction. It includes obtaining the results of process performance and effectiveness, and continual improvement of processes based on objective measurement.
  • ISO 27001:2005, a rigorous certification for information security management, defines the information security controls and other forms of risk treatment required to prevent and defend against potential data system vulnerabilities. The certification ensures that the information security controls continue to meet security needs on an ongoing basis.

Read the complete press release»

Now Available! Lapel Pins, Embroidered Patches & Patient Information Brochures for Accredited Facilities

JUNE 2013 | Show the patients and communities you serve your dedication to quality patient care! The IAC offers accredited facilities the following new optional products, now available for purchase. Place your order directly from your Online Accreditation account.

  • Patient Information Brochures & Holder ($25)
    Great for your lobby or waiting area, use this display to educate your patients on your commitment to quality care. This attractive set features one pack (250-ct) of preprinted brochures, and a clear acrylic brochure holder bearing the IAC logo and mission, Improving health care through accreditation. Holder measures 4.25” w x 7.25” h x 2.5” d. Please note: Brochures are modality-specific. A sample brochure is included as part of the certificate package.
  • Embroidered Patch ($7 each, 2 or more are $5 each)
    Perfect for displaying your achievement on your lab coat or uniform. This round, 2.5” IAC embroidered patch makes a strong statement with a white background, brown and green logo, brown edge and comes with an iron-on backing. Outer circle reads “Member of Accredited Facility,” ensuring that it can be worn proudly by all staff members. Please note: Patches are modality-specific. One (1) complimentary patch is included as part of the certificate package (Effective June 1, 2013).
  • Lapel Pin ($10 each, 2 or more are $7 each)
    Celebrate your facility’s achievement with the IAC lapel pin. This 1” jewelry-quality pin is die struck with stamped soft enamel, plated in real gold and has a butterfly clutch backing. Outer circle reads “Member of Accredited Facility,” ensuring that it can be worn proudly by all staff members. Please note: Lapel pins are modality-specific. One (1) complimentary pin is included as part of the certificate package. (Effective June 1, 2013)

Note: If you have not previously accessed Online Accreditation, you will not be able to order these items online. Only administrators of the Online Accreditation account have the appropriate credentials to login and order these items.

If you do not have access to Online Accreditation but wish to place an order, please e-mail and we will e-mail you an order form to mail in.

Proposed Changes to IAC Standards for Vascular Testing Accreditation Now Open For Public Comment - THIS COMMENT PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED

MARCH 1, 2013 | Beginning March 1, 2013, the public may visit the IAC website at to comment on any of the proposed Standards until May 1, 2013. In order to provide comments, the IAC Comment Form must be completed and submitted electronically by the provided deadline.

At the close of the comment period, the IAC Vascular Testing Board of Directors will review any submitted comments, consider modifications as needed and vote for final approval of the Standards. Facilities are notified of changes to the published Standards, and the most current version of the Standards can be viewed or printed from the IAC Vascular Testing website at

Changes to the IAC Vascular Board of Directors

FEBRUARY 2013 | The IAC is pleased to announce the following changes to the IAC Vascular Testing Board of Directors.


James F. Benenati, MD, Ex-Officio
Michael R. Jaff, DO, RPVI, FACP, FACC, Immediate Past President
Laurence Needleman, MD, President
Michael Lilly, MD, RVT, RPVI, President-Elect
Melissa A. Vickery, LPN-B, RVT, FSVU, Vice-President
Heather Gornik, MD, RVT, RPVI, Secretary


The IAC is pleased to welcome the following new board members:
Anne Marie Kupinski, PhD, RVT, RDMS representing the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)
Andrei V. Alexandrov, MD representing the American Society of Neuroimaging
Alia G. Grattan, RDMS, RVT representing the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Michel Comeaux, RN, RVT, RDMS representng the Society of Vascular Ultrasound


The IAC also thanks four members of the IAC Vascular Testing Board who also finished their terms: Phillip J. Bendick, PhD, RVT, Charles Tegeler, MD, Steven J. Bernhardt, RVT, RDMS, and Kathleen A. Carter, BSN, RN, RVT, FSVU.

For complete details on the IAC Vascular Testing Board of Directors, please visit

IAC Announces Proposal Acceptance for 2013 Research Award Program and Broadens Eligibility

FEBRUARY 15, 2013 | With the objective of funding innovative and meritorious research relevant to facility accreditation, the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) Research Committee invites IAC sponsoring organizations and their members, government agencies, health care insurers, academic institutions and other nonprofit organizations to submit proposals regarding accreditation and quality improvement for the 2013 IAC Research Award Program. Read more»

Updates to Online Accreditation Allow Facilities to View Financial Details, Order Promotional Items

JANUARY 15, 2013 | The IAC has released several new enhancements to the Online Accreditation application that will significantly assist facilities with accessing their financial details.

  • Purchase Extras - Once granted accreditation, facilities can now order additional items (certificates, door clings, certificate plaques) for their facility electronically.
  • Transaction History - Facilities can now view past and pending financial transactions with IAC including the ability to view and print receipts.
  • Follow Up Payment - This allows users to submit a new payment or modify a payment that was not accepted.

The IAC will continue to make enhancements to Online Accreditation to make the process as simple as possible. Stay tuned for more updates!

IAC Vascular Testing Releases Minor Changes to Standards

JANUARY 1, 2013 | As an accreditation organization, IAC Vascular Testing is committed to maintaining a program that balances the changing needs of both the vascular testing community and the general public by influencing the quality of patient care provided. The IAC Standards and Guidelines for Vascular Testing Accreditation are the most important component of that commitment. Composed by physicians, sonographers and technologists from the sponsoring organizations, the Standards are reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors and revised as needed.

Beginning in 2012, the IAC introduced a process for making revisions to the Standards inclusive of a 60-day public comment period. These Standards represent the first version to undergo a comment period. All submitted comments were reviewed by the Board of Directors and modified, as needed, prior to the publication of these Standards.


View the new IAC Standards and Guidelines for Vascular Testing Accreditation on the IAC Vascular Testing website. Standards that are highlighted are content changes that were made as part of the January 1, 2013 revision. Download the IAC Standards and Guidelines for Vascular Testing Accreditation»


The majority of changes are a clarification or explanation of the previous Standards, however, in some instances the requirements have been modified. Key modifications include:

  • Medical Director and Medical Staff – Informal Training (Applicable Standards and
  • Technical Director – Training and Experience (Applicable Standard
  • Screening Procedure Volumes – Guidelines (Applicable Standard 6.11B)
  • Peripheral Venous QI Program (Applicable Standard

The new IAC Standards and Guidelines for Vascular Testing Accreditation become effective June 1, 2013. Facilities may apply using either the new Standards or the previous version for a period of six months. Applications submitted after June 1, 2013 must be in compliance with the new Standards.

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